Friday, October 20, 2017

Joe's Normal Everyday Life (42)

April 28 - 2017

"Do You Know What I Am Saying Joeyyyyyyy!?"
Oh Yes.
Nothing At All From What I Can See & Hear For Myself So Farrrrr Nowww!
"But Joey! Hey! Do You Know What I Mean Dude!?" This Melissa "RAVAS" Cool Chick Routine.
Yes. I Know That You Could Have Already Ran Your Mouth About Me Already Now Honey....
Paused. Silence. "Just Bring Me Back Home Then Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Yes.
Ju Ju Just A Simple Trip To The Store Which I Wanted To Turn Into A Bender Like Activityyyyyy Nowww!"
Oh Yes! Lol.
My Ex Wife The Disguised "$6 Million Dollar Government Congress" Fake C.I.A. Actress For Life.
& All I Everrrrrrr Want To Say Is..."Christina Was Never You..." No. "I Knew The Real Christina." Yes.

Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr.

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