Friday, October 20, 2017

Joe's Normal Everyday Life (38)

April 28 - 2017

Note My Iron Man Steel Door Curtain Italian "Sicilian" Medallions Set-Ups!
Oh Yes!
"Bitch! (Honey) You Do Need To Over Open That Back Door Right Here Now Bitch (Honey)!"
Oh Yes!
& Meanwhile I Am Speaking On About This ...
"There Was This Big Huge Fucking Mirror Was Set-Up To Smash Down Upon Me!"
Safely Removed & Destroyed By Me. Yes.
You Know Everything..."It Was Trapped Under Joey's Bed For A God-Damned Fucking Year!"
Oh Yes! Lol.
I Trapped Enemy Magic Is What I Really Had Done...
"Joey The Psychic Man With Witch Spells Powers Too Now!"
Oh Yes.

Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr.

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